23 de desembre 2015

-bicicol·laboració: TORPADO BMT Pro 1985

Hello David, 
finally I managed to do a bit 'of photos to my Torpado BMT Pro 1985 !!
I hope you will please post them on your blog Bicinova2.
I'll tell you a bit 'of history of this fantastic Trialsin bike:
About a year ago I found the frame (thanks to my friend Mauro Moioli) with the fork and with nothing more. I had to find all the missed components and then I said to myself why not to prepare a little better this bike and I did. I improved all parts which in my opinion they were not on the original 'Racing' Torpado.
The brakes: I mounted a pair of 'Olimpic Balon', stiffer and more powerful than the 'Ambrosio' series. I then replaced the entire crankset, it was steel in one piece, by a 'Nagesti Trialsin' aluminum cranks.

The original 'Ambrosio BMX' wheels unfortunately I could not get one, and then I had to assembling other pair of aluminium 'Rodes'. The tyres instead are 'like' Pirelli ML 14,  the handlebar is Montesa T15, as the brake levers, all given me by carissimo friend David Clapés which I thank infinitely.
The saddle clamp is original and also the saddle is an 'Aeroyal'.

The frame has been sandblasted and painted with the fork, and I also had to reproduce the decals... the chainring/ frame protection  was remade by a craftsman, made from an aluminum plate, a great job! 
Handlebar clamps were replaced for an original couple who rode Fantic Motor Trialsin

With these measures the Torpado is much more powerful and responsive to stress and allows a good driving comfort in the classic Trialsin areas.

I am very attached to this bike, remembering my childhood and those wonderful days when we just had fun with. The life of this bike piloted by Girard and Pascal was brief but intense. Girard driving was beautiful and very technical, you can see the video.

I thank all the people who helped me to find the missing parts of this bike so we can relive today.

Thank you for your time and job
See you soon. 
Gianluca Cena

Video from youtube: AGRATI GARELLI MONDIALE VELOCITA’ 1983 E BMT, first part with girard exhibition !

Girard  in Milan through ending the European Cup Trialsin in 1984.

Above photo: Torpado BMT 1984 first round.

Down photo: Torpado BMT 1985 second series.

Thank you very much Gianluca for sharing this precious bike with all us. 
Enjoy it !

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